Residential Sod Services

Residential Sod Services

Sod can be a great option for St Louis homeowners. Whether you are looking to add grass to an area of your yard that is not well-suited for growing grass, or if you want to replace the lawn altogether, sod installation is a cost-effective and easy way to achieve this goal. Sod is not just for yards, you can also use it to fill in a low spot on your driveway or as an alternative to mulch.

Sod is Easy to Maintain and Care For

improved aesthetics by providing a uniform look across the property.Sod installation can be done year round, but it is recommended that you purchase your sod during the winter months when there are fewer insects on the market than in other seasons. Sod should not be left out without being installed because this will cause the grasses to dry out or freeze at lower temperatures. Sod should also not be stored outside, but in a cool and shaded area
improved aesthetics by providing a uniform look across the property.

Sod installation is easy to do. It’s best that you start from one end of the yard or lawn, then work your way up or across it. Sod can be laid by hand with an inch overlap if needed on the edges or backside . Sod can also be laid by hand with an inch overlap on a small area of grass, then using sod cutters to fit the edges. Sod is best installed in dry areas or where there is no rain forecasted for days

When laying sod it’s important that you have access to water so your soil doesn’t become  too dry. Sod should not be watered for a week after installation

Sod is often used where there’s already existing grass but needs to be refreshed or reestablished, and also when installing new yards that don’t have any grass at all.

Residential Sod Services

Lawn Care Solution for Homeowners

Sod is a great way to solve your lawn care woes. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners who live in areas of the country where grass doesn’t grow well, or those who want to rejuvenate their old and worn out yards.  Sod gives the appearance of a lush green lawn, with all its benefits. Sod also will provide you with an instant yard – no waiting for it to grow in!

Sod installation is done by professionals who know how to install sod and where best to place it on your property. They can advise you as which varieties are most appropriate for your specific  needs and location. Sod installation is a cost-effective way to get the lush green lawn you always wanted.

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