Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri

Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri

Sod installation in St. Louis, MO is important for both residential and commercial properties. Without it your lawn will be uneven with different shades of green and brown patches throughout the yard. There are many benefits to sod installation including: 

  • improved aesthetics by providing a uniform look across the property.
  • decreases soil erosion by leaving grass roots intact.
  •  increases absorption of rainwater which decreases runoff into waterways like rivers and streams.
  • stabilizes soil temperature so that turf can grow year round without interruption from extreme temperatures. 

These are just a few reasons why sod installation is beneficial for Missouri homes and businesses alike! To find out more about this process or how we can help you with your next project, give us a call at (636) 299-4116.

Expert Sod Installation

Have you noticed your lawn is not as green and lush as it used to be? You may have a problem with your soil that needs professional attention. Soil problems can range from being too sandy or too clay-like, causing water to pool on top of the ground instead of seeping in. The best solution for this problem is installing sod over the affected areas, which will help keep moisture in and promote lush growth. Expert sod installation professionals at Sod Service in St Louis MO will come out to your home and assess the situation before recommending a course of action.   Sod installation specialists will also install sod over areas that have been paved, and the installation process is quick and easy. Sod can be installed as a permanent solution or seasonal cover to replace grass during winter months when it’s too cold for regular planting.

Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri

Best Time to Install a Sod Lawn

A sod lawn is a great option for St. Louis homeowners because it can provide the look of an established, lush green lawn in just one day. The best time to install a sod lawn is early spring when the ground is still relatively cool and moist, which allows the roots to take hold quickly and flourish into healthy grass blades. However, if you’re looking for something more long-term than temporary landscaping solutions like artificial turf or AstroTurf, installing a new sod lawn might not be right for you since it will need replacing every 3-5 years depending on how much sun your yard receives and other factors. 

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Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri
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