Sports Turf Services

Sports Turf Services

Sports turf service is a key component to the success of any sports facility. From youth leagues to professional stadiums, the condition and quality of the playing surface impacts everything from player health, to game day experience for spectators.  Sports turf is an investment and should be maintained by a Sports Turf Service professional.

Quickstand Bermuda for Sports Turf Services

QuickStand Bermuda Grass is ideal for Sports fields in St Louis Missouri because it requires less water and can withstand more heat than other grasses.

Low-Mow Kentucky Bluegrass

Low-Mow Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular variety of turf grass for Sports fields. It has a deep root system and can withstand heavy use by large crowds with little injury to the plant.

Heartland Fescue Sod

Heartland Fescue is popular for Sports fields because it produces a dense turf that can withstand heavy traffic. It also has the added bonus of being drought- and heat-tolerant.

The benefits of having a sports turf

Sports turf is a great investment for any facility. It provides benefits to both the facilities and its customers. Sports turf provides an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment to the facilities. Sports turf is also a healthy investment for both people and pets, because it has less bacteria than natural grass. Lastly, sports turf reduces weed growth which allows your facility to be responsible in taking care of the area.

In order to get all these benefits from sports turfs you  need to take care of it. Sports turf needs frequent watering and fertilization, as well as weeds being removed from the area.

Sports Turf Services

How does it compare to other surfaces

Sports turf is a type of artificial grass and has been popularized by soccer, football, rugby, and other sports. Sports turf is designed to withstand the wear from heavy use with a more natural look than many other types of artificial surfaces; it also requires little maintenance in comparison. There are different types of sports turf that vary in hardness but all provide excellent traction. While this surface does require more water than some others it will not melt away like snow or ice when wet so there is no need to worry about your favorite team’s field being unusable for an extended period during winter months!

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