What is topsoil and what does it do

The first thing you should know is what topsoil does. Topsoil is a vital component of healthy lawns and gardens because it helps to maintain the quality, structure, and moisture levels in soil. It also provides nutrients for plants while breaking down organic matter into plant-available forms. For these reasons, it’s important that your sod be laid on top of compacted soil that has been mixed with fertilizer if necessary.

 When is topsoil needed?

If you’re laying sod on soil, then you’ll need to compact it before adding the grass seed or sod strips. You don’t want any areas that are too loose or too compacted as that will cause uneven growth, poor rooting and potentially compaction as well if the roots have nowhere to go. If you’re using topsoil to fill in areas that are too hard, then all you need is to fill the area in and not compact it.

How do I lay sod?

When laying sod, start with an even surface and make sure the soil is loose enough so that there aren’t any large dips or rises

 How much topsoil per square foot of area?

If you’re laying sod in an area that is already covered with topsoil, use about a pound and a half per square foot. If you’re adding it to hard soil or filling in an area where there isn’t enough topsoil, then add as much needed to make sure the ground is soft and loose.  Topsoil can be purchased in bags or by the yard. If you’re using a truckload, then you’ll have to bring it in by yourself and spread it out evenly when needed.  If you’re going to purchase from a local supplier, then they may spread it for you but check first. It’s best to get some estimates before you go ahead and have your yard work done.  If you’re getting it from a local supplier, you may want to consider having them come lay the sod for you as well so that everything is set up correctly.

 Why should I have sod installed?

If you’re having trouble with your current lawn, or if you simply want to change the look of your property, then consider installing new sod. It’s relatively easy and quick work provided that you follow some basic guidelines and before long you’ll be on your way to enjoying a lush green yard.  Get started by selecting the type of sod that’s best suited for your climate and conditions.  You can do this by purchasing a soil test kit which will allow you to take samples from different areas and test them in a lab. This will help you determine what kind of grass or variety is best suited to the condition of your soil.  After that, you can purchase sod from a local supplier or you can have someone come in and lay the sod for you.  Whichever way you choose to install your sod, it will be well worth your time and effort in the end as it will add value to your property.

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