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SOD is a type of grass that used to be grown in North America for the sole purpose of being cut into strips and laid down on the ground as turf.

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Should you compact topsoil before laying sod?

The first thing you should know is what topsoil does. Topsoil is a vital component of healthy lawns and gardens because it helps to maintain the quality, structure, and moisture levels in soil. It also provides nutrients for plants while breaking down organic matter into plant-available forms. For these reasons, it’s important that your sod be laid on top of compacted soil that has been mixed with fertilizer if necessary.

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Is installing sod difficult?

It takes about a week to install sod in the ground and you need to be aware of some things before starting. You’ll also want to enlist the help of others for this project because it can take all day, and even then you may not finish on the first day. If you’re installing over an existing lawn, rake up the old grass clippings so they don’t interfere with new growth or get mixed in with your new sod.

Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri

Do I need to rototill before laying sod?

Rototilling is the process of turning over soil by using a rotary tiller. It can help loosen compacted earth and may be used to control weeds, among other benefits. Rototillers are typically driven with an internal combustion engine on wheels or as part of a tractor implemented in rows or rings.

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